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Love Is Food
Love Is Food - Andrew Martin Niemira
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This is a song I wrote and recorded in 2013 about food and loving food. It's got some explicit lyrics. It’s called "Love Is Food". Enjoy. 

Preston the Futon
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I was sitting on my futon one day and wondered what said futon, if it were to have thoughts, would think about. Then I thought, "what if that futon could tweet?" so I made a Twitter account for my futon and named it Preston. It's since become a little quirky writing exercise. Feel free to follow Preston. Click the little Twitter bird logo to check out Preston's tweets.   

Ted Cruz Facts
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After writing about the Most Interesting Man in the World I decided to try a new exercise and write about one of the least. I created a Tumblr account dedicated to factoids about 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Rafael Edward Cruz. Take a look and enjoy!  

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