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SickKids - House of Legends

In 2022 SickKids was in the final year of fundraising to build their new hospital. We wanted to develop a campaign that payed homage to the rich history of the hospital, highlighting past and present legends, including patients, doctors and staff who make it the incredible place that it is. We also wanted to nod to the iconic 'versus' campaign, bringing back past patients who had been featured in pervious years spots. This was an incredibly moving project and one I was grateful to get to work on. (Also the hospital ultimately exceed it's fundraising goals for the year! Woooo!) 

Agency: Cossette

ECDs: Anthony Atkinson, Sarah Rutherford, Mario Cesareo, & Greg Kouts

ACDs: Andrew Niemira, Alex Korobova, & Alene Shahnazarian

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