Joe Biden For President

As a political nerd, getting to work on a presidential campaign was not only fascinating and rewarding, but it came with an added bonus that's rare in advertising - feeling virtuous about the work I was doing. 


Starting in the summer of 2020, we worked with various Pro-Biden PACs (political action committees) to support the Biden campaign. We churned out dozens of digital ads each week in the months leading up to the election. Here's a small sample of em. 

Fun fact: while our ads covered a range of topics and ran throughout multiple swing states, our work largely targeted Florida. Clearly Donald was upset by them, so much so, he took to twitter. 

Note: Due to FEC (Federal Election Commission) regulations these videos are password protected. 

Agency: Hawkfish

Creative Director: Isabelle Raphael

ACD/Writer: Andrew Niemira

Graphics/VFX: Pedro Andrade


Executive Producers: Margaux Ravis, Martin Babitz, Stephen MacDonald