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In 2022,TurboTax was looking to develop a campaign that highlighted the ease of filing through their app so we created the 'take a tax break' campaign, to show folks that they can file in just a brief window of time. Then in 2023, their global work focused on pushing full service products (where you essentially have a TurboTax tax expert do your taxes for you) with messaging of 'don't do your taxes.' They asked us to come up with a stunt. And that's what we did. Taking people on obscure adventures while they had their taxes done for them. 

Tax Break - TV & OLV
Tax Break - OOH & Social
Do Not Taxes - Stunt & OLV

Agency: Cossette

ECDs: Craig McIntosh & Jaimes Zentil

A/CDs: Andrew Niemira, Kyle Lamb, & Naeem Waliji

CW/AD: Olga Negaeva & Tyler Patterson

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