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Uninvited Guests

In 2016 Lysol launched a new product called Max Cover designed to work across soft surfaces and compete against Febreze. The difference was that Lysol Max Cover kills bacteria and Febreze does not. My partner and I created a campaign called Uninvited Guests highlighting the various types of bacteria that can live around your home. This campaign was incredibly fun, as it allowed me to write a unique voice for each uninvited bacteria character guest. 


One Can, Lots Of Uses 

We were tasked with creating a spot for Lysol’s primary SKU, their disinfectant spray. The aim was to communicate the plethora of locations and surfaces one can disinfect and to do so in a modern way. Lysol traditionally creates live action spots so getting them to create a spot entirely in animation was a departure for the brand but this spot tested and ultimately performed incredibly well raising the standard of work across the Lysol portfolio of work. 


Agency: Havas Worldwide


Executive Creative Director: Israel Garber


Creative Director: Kate McCagg


Copywriter: Andrew Niemira


Art Directors: Melissa Stammer & Alex Koo

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