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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What does Andrew Niemira look like?

A:He looks like if Nancy Parish and Michael Niemira had a baby.

Q:Do you know where I can find some good Mexican food? 


Q:Where does Andrew Niemira see himself in 5 years?

A:Celebrating the 5th anniversary of you visiting his website’s FAQ section.

Q:What is my credit score?

A:While it’s perfectly reasonable to inquire about ones credit score, this, I'm afraid, isn't the place to get that information. Best of luck in your pursuit.

Q:Where do I find Dos-A-Rita?

A:Sad news dear reader, as the Dos Equis Dos-A-Rita is a thing of the past, a relic of a delectable beverage that once was, but is no longer. No longer distributed by Dos Equis that is. But there's a silver lining here, as you can concoct your own Dos-A-Rita with Dos Equis Lager and margarita ingredients. Should you be interested in making such a cocktail, check out the following recipe to make your own Dos-A-Rita:

Q:Help I’m trapped in the FAQ Section of this website!

A:Hi, if you’re reading this then you’ve heard the news, I Scott Strathman am stuck in this website, in fact in this specific webpage. I’m not sure how I got here, I was just napping on my girlfriend’s couch and woke up here. Enough about me, why are you on the Frequently Asked Questions page of Andrew Niemira’s website? And furthermore why did you scroll down to this last question where I'm apparently stuck? Go outside, get offline and experience the world. Seriously. Like stop reading this. I would say come help me, but you’re the one reading the FAQ section of a goddamn copywriter’s website. So I’m all set. But seriously, stop reading this and go do something baller, you’re not getting any younger.

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