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Dos Equis

I was incredibly fortunate to get to start my career working on Dos Equis and on the Most Interesting Man campaign. We had the creative liberty to do some amazing work and were able to pull in a bunch of awards and deliver sustained double-digit sales growth year after year for our clients. We did so in an extremely competitive category where craft brews and hard seltzers continue to steal shelf space. 


I spent four years on Dos and got to make a ton of stuff. Here are some of my favorites. 

Adios Amigo Case Study
Consoling Service

Following the farewell voyage of the Most Interesting Man in the World, I thought fans might be upset about his departure. So I wrote a script for a hotline where folks could call to get some answers. It got made. Give it a ring, enter your age, and listen away.

Call: 1-855-782-6633. The number remains active. If you prefer to listen on this site, the audio recording is listed to the right --> .

Dos Equis - Consoling Service Recording
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Adios Amigo

Social Videos

Legends Campaign


Dos Equis Radio - Bikers
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Dos Equis Radio - Dos de Mayo
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Dos Equis Radio - Gift Horse
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Dos Equis Radio - Masquerade
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Out of Home
New Orleans
San Diego
New Orleans
Web Copy

Agency: Havas Worldwide


Executive Creative Director: Jim Hord


Creative Directors: Paul Fix, Jamie Overkamp, Paul Johnson & Keith Scott


Associate Creative Directors: Matt Hock & Dave Fredette 


Copywriters: Andrew Niemira & Marty Bonacorso 


Art Directors: Melissa Stammer, Beau Mittchell & Melissa Ploysophon



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